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Becoming a Data Scientist

Most probably most of you are looking into becoming a data scientist or e-scientist.   With the advent of technological advancement the way we manage data is now digital, we use computers and large storage systems to store the data that we have.  In an era of information we are very well informed that Big Data or the large data are now handle by servers in the cloud or a cluster of many computers storing and processing data.

Many of those in the BioStatistics field, Informatics, Statistics and Mathematics have the edge on the core part of the field of Data Science.  Numbers as we know are quantitative descriptions of our environment and the world we lived in.  We also used to quantify qualitative data as it was held true in the past and suggested so that we can apply mathematics in everything that we do.  Being a data scientist is a part of work wherein you have to have skills in statistics, a little of basic mathematical foundations and also the love of insights and intuition. 

The creative part of being a data scientist is on the insights, data exploration and intuition.  You cannot explore an unknown data without being creative and that is part of which tells that data science is.  In data science, you are a scientist dealing with data and have the goal of achieving insights or ideas from the given set of information.  The hard part there is being able to clean out the bad part of the data and making it neat so that you can further process the information.

Also programming skill is needed, which will help you to automate some parts of your work, like applying functions or summation or complex formulas to be applied to a million data or your big data.  You have to be able to be familiar with Information Technology which is, most of your tools in e-science or data science will involve working with both commercial and open-source statistical software, programming languages, database systems and other storage systems that handles massive amount of information.

We aren’t done yet, you must be versed in systems or the topic or field you are doing research.  Most of it will not be limited to genomics, linguistics, disease prediction, medical field, and many other fields wherein you are also asked to predict.  To predict properly you must have understanding of statistics and machine learning which will give any system with the power to be an artificial intelligence power house.  Most of the current big data that we have can be used to power new robots connected to a cloud powered computer which are the works of data scientists on super computers.

Business skills is also part of data science as this will relate more to visualizations and also the profit for the stakeholders supporting your work as a data scientist.  Overall, data science is a diverse field wherein a mixture of skills is needed.

This article is helpful for looking into yourself of what type of data scientist are you, or are you a data scientist with a future since you have the basic skills needed to be into the world of data analysis, mining and science.

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It’s Not Bad to Explore to Begin with Something

"Creative success means balancing your love of starting things with a habit of finishing them." -Marie Forleo

Being able to explore something is not bad at all.  Whatever your hand finds to do, as long as it does not harm anyone or is ethical it is ok to try and do so.

Most of us are lost sometime, you wanted to do something, but if you don’t really even try, how will you know that you really can’t do it.  Some people limit themselves as they are not experts yet in a certain thing to do.  This is actually opposite, if you would have the time to ask an expert how he become expert or very good at his craft, he would simply tell you, I failed a hundred or thousand times until I get this thing at its best right now.  Most the successful experts never stopped, they are never hindered by mistakes, they use those mistakes as experience and ways to begin more carefully again.  They learn from their mistakes.

I would be talking about machine learning in some of my future posts, on how machines/computers learn and do their predictions by the help of humans at first and they do can do it on their own.  

Most people are having a hard time believing that they can begin small, especially not perfect, not right.  The very first thing we can do to explore things, is start doing it, and finding the right ways to do something.

Begin, that is take your very step to learning something and you will be one day become an expert on your chosen field. Step one is the only secret, it is called “Begin” or “Start” and the next is continue and improve along the way and learn from those who have done it right.

You always Invest in Something

"No one invests in nothing." -Glen Turner

Glen Turner a man who have succeeded in MLM business and with over 78 businesses with different products.

During those times of his rise, he was the Tony Robbins of his time, a great motivator, inspirational teacher.  And had several businesses which some are failures but more with successes.

Born on August 19, 1934, a school drop-out and discharged from school, he succeeded at some point in his life.  He was motivated by Dr. Gray by donating him a scholarship.

During his endeavor with MLM, he used to deliver jokes and started a large amount of sales from his jokes.  Being able to comprehend that most of his so-called sales came from the joke, he produced more of it and use it as if he was just talking straight to people.  With this, he had succeeded in the world of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

His success came from meeting people, talking to them, delivering jokes and direct marketing to them.  It was an awesome skill that he has during those times.  Avon was also a direct selling company.  

His wife died at 1960, at the time this documentation was written, he has 7 kids and have married 4 times.

Holiday Magic, gave him thousand dollars of money through marketing and selling.  Later in order to make more and keep his money, he invested into buying homes, the houses in real-estate.

At that point of time, he is very great that people try to stop him on what he was doing.

"People try to stop you when you are doing something great."

Later on, one of the business he founded is “Dare to Be Great”, where his strategy involved hiring smarter people than him to do the work behind.  At this very beginning, he was motivated by other people.  He worked well with them, take care of this great talents and they gave him excellent work that made him became prosperous.  He was able to beat the existing markets and motivational companies around.

"You have to be honest to take anybody forever."

Credibility of everyone is the important thing in MLM.  The compensation plans are just a bonus but most of the important things that matter are trust, honesty and integrity in all you do.

These words from Mr. Glen Turner are words of wisdom that every marketer / multi-level marketer must have in his mind.  His greatest success is he was able to have 78 corporations.

If content is king, then distribution is queen.

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. -Jim Rohn

In factories we make perfume, in shops we sell dreams.

Memory is not a noun, memory is a verb. -Jim Kwik

“Data Science combines the allure of Big Data, the fascination of Unstructured Data, the precision of advanced mathematics and statistics, the innovation of social media, the creativity of storytelling, the investigation and inquiry of forensics, and the ability to use all of those skills together while still being able to demonstrate the results to non-technical audiences.” -DATAVersity

5 Rules for Life

1. Have a vision (dream, mission, goals)
2. Believe in Your Ability to Figure things Out
3. Have Fun No matter what chasing your Dreams
4. Be Patient but Persistent (Be Cool)
5. Love and Respect Others Playing the Same Game
Brendon Burchard

Cash may be king, but “Marketing is Everything.” -Peter Vessenes